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Investment Philosophy

Every client is unique. Each client has an individual circumstance we want to fully understand. We listen very carefully to our clients’ experiences, goals, and market concerns to create an individually tailored asset allocation that allows you to not only realize your goals but also withstand market ups and downs that invariably occur. We aim to deliver a bespoke, tailored and uniquely customized plan that balances growth, taxes, and expense needs based on the goals & personal timeline of each client. Bespoke is usually used in reference to a tailored suit or a custom pair of shoes. We believe each client needs and deserves a custom fit when it comes to their asset management. Here at Stone Creek, we’ve carefully constructed a catalog of options for liquid assets and wealth changes that occur as a result of a death, divorce, inheritance, marriage, or retirement.

As a discretionary-oriented advisory firm, we look at our clients’ situations through an investment lens.  We work with each client to craft an investment strategy which starts with a good understanding of the purpose of their money. This purpose may be short, intermediate, or longer-term in nature. The amount of exposure to higher long-term returning assets must be balanced against clients’ unique needs for their money and their own tolerance for risk. In some cases, financial advisors are limited in that they are only able to offer their firm’s approved proprietary products to clients. We opened Stone Creek as an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm in 2015 with the primary goal of having absolute freedom to select any products based on performance metrics and client suitability for your portfolio construction.


Most of our core investments are in equities and bonds. We also provide clients with excess liquidity investment opportunities outside of the stock market in the alternative asset space. We make these introductions to firms we have established long working relationships within energy, real estate, and other non-correlated asset classes. One of our goals is to ensure your assets are positioned for growth, tax efficiency, and minimal costs. We believe a holistic understanding of our clients is paramount to success in the long run. This means learning all about the structure of your center of influence which includes the individuals, children, parents, estate, business, and philanthropic endeavors. Taking the time to fully comprehend decades of decisions that have been made, along with the reasons those decisions were made, is a cornerstone to fulfilling the duty of our client commitment.