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Our Difference

Here at Stone Creek, we believe our personalized approach to asset management is a cornerstone of the longevity of maintaining our service relationships with our clients. At Stone Creek our success is measured not only by acquiring new business but by retaining our current client base, which is determined at the outset of our engagement by building a trusted working relationship with you. Our view is that money is not an end into itself. It is a medium through which we impact the people, the communities and the institutions that matter to us most. Ultimately, if we help our clients make the impact they desire, we will be making an impact as well.


Having lived through and advised clients in good times and bad, we know having an open line of communication is critical. Transparency about expectations from a return as well as a risk perspective is key. Direct communication about your portfolio as well as details that might not seem relevant on the surface, from a financial perspective, but just might prove to be of utmost importance for our clients’ happiness and peace of mind.


We believe that the client service experience is one of the most important elements of any advisor’s role and one that many people do not think about as much as we do. Our clients have learned we like the word yes and usually deliver beyond expectations. We maintain the same bespoke service level for not only our new, but also the longest standing clients at the firm. Everything we do here at Stone Creek stems from a sincere focus on excellence.

Your Team

Your Stone Creek Team is a dedicated team of hardworking individuals who have no desire to move up the ranks in a large conglomerate financial management firm. We are here to support our clients, their lifestyles, and most importantly, their families and long-term goals utilizing our combined expertise & research centric client servicing approach.